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Anna W. Whitewood is a young, ambitious author who closely observes the world. She is a young vlogger and traveller who, during her numerous journeys, encountered many people and cultures.
It helped her develop a great deal of empathy and understanding. She transferred her experiences and reflections onto the pages of her debut book. This is how Millardia was created in 2015 – a mysterious place where good and harmony reign.

Inspired by life events with a goal to inspire people to be better versions of themselves.

Graduated Law degree at University in London, UK.  It is then when she realised her passion was elsewhere and there must be a better way to help people and the world.

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The vast universe of Millardia awaits. Come and discover the incredible world. Anna, entangled in a course of increasingly dangerous events travels through alternate realms inside Earth, as well as space and beyond. Thanks to the ancient Oracle’s prophecy she discovers the source of her power.

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Most frequent questions and answers

I have successfully completed law school. But being a lawyer wasn’t my passion. It required that I would need to dedicate my time to it entirely. So instead I took a sharp decision to shift my focus to traveling and documenting my experiences through social media. Most of my content is on Youtube. I’ve managed to build a channel that now has over one million subscribers.

All information about such events is available on my social media and website.

Yes, I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , J.K. Rowling, JRR Tolkien, Odysseus , Suzanne Collins , Jane Austin. They are all amazing authors.

Well, finally I’m really excited about it. A little bit nervous but optimistic as well.

During a road trip from the French parts of Switzerland to Ticino. It was a dark night and I saw a little Swiss town in a valley between two lakes. The lights of the town reflected the starry sky above, some feeling inside of me told me to grab my laptop. I opened an empty Word document and I started writing. “ In a green valley there was a small town called Interlaken..”

There is this whole world inside of me, I can’t really describe it. Sometimes I just sit in a quiet place, close my eyes, play some calming music, open my heart and then the magic happens. I start to see what my eyes cannot, and I write, write and write. But it doesn’t happen all the time. The inspiration comes and goes. My mind has to be ready to receive. And as we live, doing our daily chores, it is very hard and challenging to do so. But there is a message so important that I want to share with my readers that I do my best to find it.

Of course! This is just the beginning. The Millardia Universe is vast and endless and I will take you on a journey to discover it in the books that are yet to come.

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